Bryston 11B stereo preamplifier


Bryston 11B



A high end preamplifier Bryston 11B. Made in Canada around the year 1991. This particular one is originally 220V version with a European plug.




  • 2 x moving magnet (MM) phono stage;
  • Bryston 11Bshielded power supply;
  • 30VA power transformer;
  • 2 x 4700uF main caps;
  • 2 x Alps potentiometers (volume, balance);
  • vintage, but high fidelity source / rec selectors (reminds me on Accuphase C-230);
  • very efficient headphones output, I’ve tested it with AKG K701 and enjoyed it a lot;
  • gold plated RCA terminals;
  • Motorola power transistors;
  • sturdy casework, studio rack-mounted capable;
  • identical to the 12B , the only difference is the phono stage, the 11B is equipped with double MM stage, where the 12B has a MM and MC cartridge.


Manufacturer's description

The Model 11B is a basic signal preamplifier with switching facilities for all the sources likely to be used by even the most elaborate domestic sound system, including dubbing capability for two tape recorders, and the convenience of recording from any source while simultaneously listening to any other through the speakers.

Bryston preamplifiers, as with all Brystons components, are absolute musical accuracy. This means that distortion of the original waveform must be held to the minimum possible with presently available technology. The noise is as low as you have ever experienced from a preamp. The distortion, of any type, is so close to non-existent as to be nearly immeasurable. The equalisation accuracy is not measurable in decibels (1/10 Bel) but in millibels (1/1000 Bel). Bryston preamplifiers cannot be overloaded by any input signal available from any commercial material. They do not add “euphonic” colorations, not do they alter the clarity of even the most beautifully lucid recordings.

The Model 11B is a full-function preamplifier. It’s intended as a control center for the finest sound systems. It does not, however, contain controls which are not useful, such as “bass” and “treble”. (The systems in which it will be used will hardly require such broadband tailoring). The controls are all useful and convenient; switching among various sources, low filter for record wraps, tape monitoring facilities, mute, balance and volume.

The Bryston 11B is an elaborate and flexible center for the most complete sound systems. It features two moving magnet phono inputs. It allows for the connection of two tape decks, with full dubbing facilities in either direction. There is a dedicated CD input, as well as tuner, and auxiliary inputs, for a total of seven separate sources. (All sources are available at any time from the tape outputs, regardless of what is being fed to the amplifier). In addition, the 11B contains a headphone jack for private listening, (with automatic speaker disconnect), and a special line-level output for the connection of other amplifiers allowing independent volume control at remote locations. The 11B preamplifier is equipped for the true audio enthusiast, with enough flexibility and expansion potential to adapt to the most complex sound systems.

Regardless of which Bryston preamplifier you choose, they all employ the same electronics, (including Bryston’s novel and fundamentally correct phono section). Thus they all enjoy the same superb specifications, and the same exceedingly musical sound quality. The all employ ultra quality components, including precision volume controls with 1/4dB tracking, metal film resistors, polystyrene capacitors and heavily gold plated connectors. They use the most careful and exacting assembly and test procedures, with transistors hand-selected and matched to better than 1%. Whatever the size and complexity of your sound system, a Bryston preamplifier is a “final purchase”, with performance that establishes a standard which is unlikely to be improved in the near future.

Technical specification

(Any Input to any Output)
IM or THD, any Frequency from 20-20kHz, at rated output or below
Less than 0.005%
Rated output 10 volts RMS minimum, from Tape or Main output. (Typically 14 volts RMS available)
Rated noise

(input shorted Phono)


High Level inputs


-80 dBA referred to an input of 5 milivolts RMS @ 1kHz

-95 dBA referred to an input level of 500 mV @ 1kHz

RIAA Accuracy Within less than ± 50mB (0.05dB) from 20-20kHz inclusive
Frequency response High Level Section; within less than
± 50mB (0.05dB) from 20-20kHz inclusive