Tag: headphones output

The following HiFi gear is equipped with a headphone output.

Luxman C-03

  Luxman C-03 is a high fidelity preamplifier with a pure Class A output stage and a world class phono stage. Made in Japan and introdu [...]

Marantz PM-14MKII KI

Integrated amplifier Marantz PM-14 MKII KI. Introduced for the first time at the end of year 1999, and at that time it was the heaviest, th [...]

Accuphase C-230

High fidelity preamplifier Accuphase / Kensonic C-230. Class A circuit, World’s first MOSFET preamplifier. The C-230 was produced 5 y [...]

Bryston 11B

    A high end preamplifier Bryston 11B. Made in Canada around the year 1991. This particular one is originally 220V version with [...]

Denon PMA-S10II

  A high-end integrated amplifier Denon PMA-S10II. Very rare gear on the European market, made in Japan and introduced for the first t [...]