Tag: Alps

Japanese Alps components were used to build the following HiFi gear:

Luxman T-03L (also known as T-117)

In the late 80’s Luxman introduced a couple of remarkable sounding tuners. One of them is the Luxman T-03L, known as T-117 in the US. [...]

Luxman C-03

  Luxman C-03 is a high fidelity preamplifier with a pure Class A output stage and a world class phono stage. Made in Japan and introdu [...]

Luxman M-03

Stereo power amplifier Luxman M-03. Made in Japan from 1984, sold in Europe from 1987 until 1994. A real powerhouse that is able to work eit [...]

Marantz PM-14MKII KI

Integrated amplifier Marantz PM-14 MKII KI. Introduced for the first time at the end of year 1999, and at that time it was the heaviest, th [...]

NAD S300 Silverline Series

Real dual mono integrated amplifier NAD S300. It comes from the NAD’s high-end series, the Silver Line. Introduced for the first time [...]

Densen Beat B-200+

    High-end preamplifier Densen B-200+. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, and introduced for the first time in year 2001. &nb [...]

Bryston 11B

    A high end preamplifier Bryston 11B. Made in Canada around the year 1991. This particular one is originally 220V version with [...]