Tag: 90’s

HiFi gear with the market launch in the 90’s. All gear shown below had their market launch between the year 1990 and 2000.

NAD S400 Silver Line RDS tuner

  The Silver Line from NAD is mainly known for its exceptional integrated amplifier S300, but luckily for all those who were looking fo [...]

Naim Audio Flatcap

Naim Flatcap is an external power supply mostly used within the Naim’s Olive series – CD3.5, NAC92 and Nait3. Feel free to use [...]

Denon TU-1500RD

Denon TU-1500RD is a middle class stereo FM/AM tuner with RDS function. Introduced for the first time around the year 1998. Manufactured in [...]

Denon POA-5000

  In year 1991 Denon introduced a great multi-channel (6CH) power amplifier Denon POA-5000. At that time, it was a state of art amplifi [...]

Marantz PM-14MKII KI

Integrated amplifier Marantz PM-14 MKII KI. Introduced for the first time at the end of year 1999, and at that time it was the heaviest, th [...]

NAD S300 Silverline Series

Real dual mono integrated amplifier NAD S300. It comes from the NAD’s high-end series, the Silver Line. Introduced for the first time [...]

Epos Acoustics ES11

Epos ES11. British audiophile speakers introduced for the first time around the year 1991. ES11 was a smaller-sized successor of the very we [...]

Bryston 11B

    A high end preamplifier Bryston 11B. Made in Canada around the year 1991. This particular one is originally 220V version with [...]

Denon PMA-S10II

  A high-end integrated amplifier Denon PMA-S10II. Very rare gear on the European market, made in Japan and introduced for the first t [...]