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Advance Acoustic MAA-406 power amplifier


Advance Acoustic MAA-406



A high class power amplifier Advance Acoustic MAA-406. Designed in France, manufactured in China and introduced for the first time in the middle of year 2008. Although it’s been built in China, the quality of assembly, casework and  used materials is very, very good. To be honest I was really surprised with it.



  • bi color face plate made out of brushed aluminium, the silver part is 14mm!!! thick, the black sides are 8mm thick;
  • weighs 19kg;
  • standby function;
  • hard on/off switch on the back;
  • absolutely gorgeous look when placed on the spike plates;Advance Acoustic MAA-406
  • XLR input;
  • Class AB;
  • 2 x 150W / 2 x 260W (RMS 4 / 8Ohm)
  • Frequency response 10-100kHz;
  • modular construction with several independent PCBs and separate chambers for each section;
  • two independent aluminium heat sinks;
  • huge and very power efficient toroidal power transformer 700VA;
  • main caps 4 x 15000µF;
  • analogue VU meters;
  • air-sealed relays;
  • high gauge wires inside;
  • face plate electronics sits in a separate chamber to reduce interference.

Retail price in the UK in 2008: 550£

Manufacturer's description

The sober and pure presentation of the amplifier MAA 406 reflects its musical performances. All the circuits of MAA 406 allow a natural restitution, full of texture, highlighting the slightest details of the musical piece. MAA 406 is constituted of an ultra rigid partitioned chassis, ensuring efficient insulation. Thus it eliminates any risk of interference between the different circuits in the device. Components are carefully chosen and selected. The high power toroïdal transformer (700 VA) is linked to a high current bipolar power transistors assembly, which gives MAA 406 awesome performance. Indeed, MAA 406 produces an output of 150 W per channel in class AB *, a commutator “HIGH BIAS” in the rear panel of the device, enables to commute the amplifier in class A* up to 45 watts. Beyond this limit,the amplifier commutes automatically in class AB**.

Used in Hi-Fi or linked in a Home Cinema, it is never faulted in terms of output and dynamics, showing balance and moderation. It will enable everyone to enjoy an exceptional quality of music. In the rear panel, you will find a switch that permits to light off or on the vumeters.

Two stereo plugs balanced or unbalanced allow MAA 406 to be connected to any preamplifier. The stereo amplifier MAA 406 can be connected to the pre-amplifier MPP 506 or MPP 506DA.

*Class A imposes a constant current in the power transistors whatever the requested power (up to 45 Watts, in the case of MAA 406), which significantly improves the dynamic response of the amplifier.
**Class AB adjusts a variable current in the power transistors according to the requested power.



The Power Amplifier MAA 406 was designed and developed to not only help music lovers and audiophiles get a high level of musical performance, but also to help them upgrade their Hi-Fi system to multi – amplification and improve their audio – video unit.
The 700 VA toroidal transformer, the triple parallel push-pull arrangement of high power transistors, the metal film resistors, the polypropylene capacitors, confer to the MAA406 an astonishing depth. Moreover it is capable to bring out minor details and to identify every single subtlety of your music.



De Advance Acoustic MAA406 eindversterker werd ontworpen en ontwikkeld om een hoog niveau van muziekgenieten mogelijk te maken voor muziekliefhebbers en audiofielen. Verder kan hiermee bi-amping worden gerealiseerd en uiteraard ook een A/V installatie van hoogwaardiger eindtrappen worden voorzien, bijv. door 3 x MAA-406 toe te
passen. Deze MAA-406 is een verdere ontwikkeling van de befaamde MAA405: het uiterlijk werd aangepast aan de nieuwe MPP-505 en MAA-705 versterkers, o.a. frontpaneel en spikes. De MAA406 heeft ‘n zware ringkern transformator van 700 VA, een drievoudige push-pull schakeling van de hoog-vermogen eindtransistors, metaalfilm weerstanden en polypropyleen condensatoren. Dit alles biedt een fraaie diepte in het geluidsbeeld. Bovendien komt hierdoor elk subtiel detail in de beluisterde muziek hoorbaar tot leven. De Advance Acoustic MAA-406 eindversterker vormt een uitstekende kombinatie met de MPP-206 voorversterker en de MCD-203 Mk.2 CD-speler.



MAA-406 to dwukanałowa końcówka mocy. Jej projekt plastyczny zdeterminowany jest poprzez dwubarwny front wykonany z precyzyjnie obrobionego aluminium, na skrajach są to anodyzowane na czarno płyty o grubości 1 centymetra, centralna część panelu to srebrny płat grubości niemal dwóch centymetrów w którego centrum umieszczone są wskażniki poziomu mocy wyjściowej. Pozostała część obudowy wykonana jest z grubej blachy pokrytej specjalnym lakierem pomagającym w tłumieniu wibracji. Wnętrze MAA-406 zostało podzielone na poszczególne sekcje poprzez zastosowanie ekranów zapobiegających wzajemnemu indukowaniu się prądów wirowych. Zasilanie oparto na bardzo solidnym 800 VA zasilaczu toroidalnym, co pozwoliło na oddanie pierwszych 30 wat w czystej klasie A oraz 150 w klasie AB przy obciążeniu 8 Ohm. W pełni zbalansowana topologia (dual mono) zaowocowała zastosowaniem gniazd XLR, oprócz nich na tylnej ściance znajduje się para klasycznych RCA, komplet złoconych zacisków głośnikowych, gniazdo IEC ze zintegrowanym włącznikiem sieciowym oraz przełącznik pozwalający na wyłączenie podświetlenia wskażników.


Technical specification

Power output 8Ω 2x150W
Power output 4Ω 2x220W
Frequency response (-3dB) 10 – 50000Hz
Distorsion <0,1%
S/N Ratio >= 120dB
Channel separation >= 100dB
Input impedance 20KΩ
Power consumption (Stand-by off) 1W
Power consumption (Stand-by on) 75W
Transformer 700VA
Dimensions 44 x 43 x 15 cm
Weight 21,5kg


“The MAA 406 power amplifier is clearly also a great-looking deal. This is specified as delivering 150 watts
into eight ohms with the aid of an 700VA transformer and weighs a convincing 19 kilos. It too has balanced and single-ended connections and sports the biggest pair of VU meters we’ve seen since the last far eastern
audio invasion – an era when Technics (remember them?) had a penchant for such devices. Such things went out of fashion because they serve no purpose aside from making what are otherwise rather featureless boxes look more appealing.”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi Choice, August 2008

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“…ein ausnehmend musikalisches und unwiderstehlich günstiges Duo….jede Musikart nimmt die MPP 206 gelassen und abgeklärt entgegen….dabei zeichnet die MAA 406 in warmen und leuchtenden Farben, agiert im besten Sinn geschmeidig und flüssig….so viel Souveränität ….findet sich in der Regel tatsächlich oft erst mindestens zwei Klassen weiter oben….”

Stereo, August 2007