Naim Audio Nait 5 integrated amplifier


Naim Nait 5


Naim Nait 5. Integrated amplifier introduced for the first time in year 2000. It was the successor of the Nait 3/3R. In 2003 the Nait 5 was replaced by a Nait 5i. If you’re about to start your audiophile adventure with the brand Naim, this amp might be the best choice.




  • completely new, low-vibration, more sophisticated casework in comparison to the old olive series;Naim Nait 5
  • perfect match for small to middle-sized, moderately efficient speakers in an average-sized listening room;
  • remote control capable including remote controlled balance;
  • six micro-controlled inputs;
  • upgradeable with a Stageline phono stage and external power supply (dedicated Flatcap 2);
  • alone-standing toroidal power transformer 125VA brought by Talema;
  • BHC Aerovox power capacitors 2 x10000µF and 1 x 4700µF;
  • a total of four power transistors (2 per channel)
  • Philips microprocessors, REMtech relays;
  • Soundwell fully-motorized volume potentiometer sits on a separate PCB;


Retail price in the USA in 2001: 1550$
Retail price in the UK in 2001: 799£
Retail price in Germany in 2000: 2750DM

Manufacturer's description

The NAIT 5 was successor to the ‘3’. It is housed in the same low-vibration black die-cast alloy casing employed in the ‘5 Series’, and measures 17.2 by 12 by 2.3 inches (43.7 × 30.5 × 5.8 cm) and employs surface-mount technology. Like its brethren, attention is paid to protecting the circuit boards from vibration. The remote control function of the NAIT 5 is a new feature to the NAIT, and allows volume and the balance adjustment.


Technical specification

Nominal Input Sensitivities (Tuner, Tape,CD,etc) – 75mV, 100KΩ

Overload margin, on all inputs at all audio frequencies – 35dB

Output Levels,Tape – 75mV, 600Ω

Power Output Continuous 8Ω – 30W/ ch Transient 125VA

Mains Supply – 100V, 115V, 230V 50 or 60Hz

Case size (H x W x D) – 58.4 x 432 x 301mm



“(…), the midrange is liquid and open (I almost said valve like). I am currently listening to Norah Jones on Blue Note records imploring us to come away with her. With a voice like that I’ve got my bags half packed already!”

John Groom, AudioEnz, September 2002

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“So, the new Nait 5 is nothing new inasmuch as it’s a highly focused design which over-achieves dramatically in some respects, but is an also-ran in others. What’s so great is the balance Naim has struck with its new baby – it’s so supremely capable at what it does well AND it now boasts similarly accomplished build, facilities, connectivity and upgradability. This makes it one hell of a bargain if a punchy ‘transistor’ sound is what you crave. It’s arguably the world’s best entry-level audiophile amplifier right now, a sort of Subaru Impreza Turbo of the hi-fi world. True enough, compared to the Naim Nait 5, all other integrateds sound positively pedestrian.”

David Price, HiFi News, February 2001

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“Those of you who place imaging and soundstage recreation high on your list of priorities, rest assured that the Nait 5 handles them exceptionally well. There was a very well-defined and large soundstage, with individual instruments placed precisely within that stage both side-to-side and front-to-back. If the recording allowed, the sense of space around instruments was also very clear.”

Steve Lefkowicz, AudioMusings Nr. 14, 2001

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“One of the most important strengths of any piece of Naim equipment is its ability to impart exactly the right amount of pace on the music it is reproducing. Music comes alive with wonderful vitality and the Nait 5 upholds the Naim tradition with aplomb. This integrated amplifier never bores the listener as it attempts to reproduce the pace of the performance.”

Ian White,, January 2002

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“Es kam, wie es kommen sollte – der 5er klingt wesentlich erwachsener und tonal gesitteter als seine drei waschechter Nait: pfeilschnell, urdynamisch und trotz eingeschränkter Nominalleistung kein bisschen leise. Wenn 30 Watt reichen – und das tun sie wesentlich öfter als viele meinen – gibt es kaum einen anmachenderen Vollverstärker. Wenn nicht, hat man Pech gehabt. Großes Pech.”

Ulrich Michalik, Image HiFi, January 2001

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“The Naim magic continues into the new millennium. Unassuming, functional styling conceals a surprisingly visceral and impactful performer. True class tainted only by steep asking price”

Deon Schoeman, Audio Video, February 2001

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“An exquisitely musical, dynamic and punchy sound, but flawed elsewhere. Superb build and ergonomics make it a far more accomplished all-rounder, and one of hi-fi great bargains right now.”

HiFi World, February 2001


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