Naim Audio Flatcap 2 external power supply


Naim Flatcap 2Naim Flatcap 2 is an external power supply mostly used with the Naim’s 5-series – CD5 and Nait5. The unit can supply 2 different units at the same time. Feel free to use it with NAC112, NAC102 and NAC82 preamps, Stageline phono stage, Snaxo crossover or CD3.5 player. The Flatcap 2 was introduced in year 2000 and replaced by Flatcap 2x in year 2004.

  • Talema toroidal power transformer;
  • Capacitors brought by BHC Aerovox; 1 x 10000µF and 1 x 4700µF;
  • 4 power transistors.


Retail price in the USA in 2001: 900$
Retail price in the UK in 2001: 515£
Retail price in Germany in 2001: 3700DM



“Mit dem Flatcap 2 im Kreuz färbt der CD5 Dunkelgrau plötzlich in Schwarz, die untersten Lagen gewinnen an Druck und Präzision, an Wucht und Temperament. Und zwar nicht nur ein akademisches Bisschen, sondern in einem Maße, dass kein Besitzer entsprechend subbasstüchtiger Lautsprecher freiwillig darauf verzichten sollte.”

Ulrich Michalik, Image HiFi, March 2001

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“The Flatcap 2 power supply adds $900 and raises the CD5’s total cost to $3150, but you get your money’s worth. The Flatcap 2 didn’t fundamentally change the CD5’s winning personality, but reinforced it in ways not so subtle and very useful. For instance, with the Flatcap, the brass on Pomp & Pipes came forward a bit more spatially and tonally, and the overall dynamics improved as well, though not to the point where the presentation became “jumpy.” Nick Drake and his guitar remained on the dry side, but both came into better focus and moved slightly forward on the soundstage while maintaining well-focused three-dimensionality.”

Michael Fremer, Stereophile, April 2001

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