Densen Gizmo remote control


A high fidelity remote control Densen Gizmo. Designed and manufactured in Denmark. Available in albino and black finish.

Densen Gizmo

  • feels quite heavy in the hand;
  • beautiful albino finish;
  • the enclosure made out of anodized aluminium;
  • plastic buttons;
  • 4 IR transmiters;
  • rubber feet;
  • rechargeable, no common batteries needed.


Retail price in the Euro zone in 2011: 220€


Manufacturer's description

True to its no-nonsense tradition, Densen regards the remote as a separate product. We have done everything possible to design a remote that is as far removed from the traditional plastic remote as you can get. The cabinet is made of extruded aluminium, which is glass-bursted and then anodised. The shape is ergonomic and feels rights in your hand. The buttons are made of hard plastic and give a precise, tactile feeling. To avoid the traditional problem of having to aim directly at the product, Gizmo transmits its commands in a special burst mode that allows it to operate the product without being aimed directly at it. To avoid fast drain on the batteries the Gizmo uses rechargeable batteries and comes complete with a charger!


“With these sensible solutions in mind, one feels called upon to draw the imminent conclusion that this puppy of a remote control must have caused competitors to tear their hair with envy that they were not behind this piece of genius. Densen Audio Technologies bid for a system-remote is indeed a charmer in new technological clothing, thanks to the fearless Densenians and their journey into the unknown future in order to find what everybody was talking about: lost user-friendliness!”

hifi4all, 2003