Densen Beat B-310 power amplifier


Densen B-310

A high end power amplifier Densen B-310. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, and introduced for the first time in year 2011.

  • 2 finishes available – albino and black;
  • weighs 12kg;
  • standby function;
  • hard on/off switch on the back;
  • thick, brushed aluminium enclosure, typically by Densen the face and upper plates are one part, therefore the amp looks like a single block of aluminium, gorgeous in my opinion;
  • Class AB;
  • Densen B-310Bi-wiring capable;
  • gold-plated RCA and speaker terminals;
  • adjustable input sensitivity (Normal / High);
  • 2 x 80W / 2 x 160W (RMS 8 / 4Ohm)
  • Frequency response up to 400kHz;
  • huge and very power efficient toroidal power transformer with 2 sections, 250VA each;
  • 6 custom made, power capacitors 6 x 10000uF;


Retail price in the Euro zone in 2011: 1950€
Retail price in the USA in 2011: 2300$


Manufacturer's description

The B-310 contains an output stage built using Densen’s unique DMCD technology. This makes the B-310 extremely fast and precise, while retaining unlimited control of the speakers that are connected. The bandwidth is also extreme and goes straight to 400,000Hz, resulting in an improved slew-rate. This amplifier has – like any Densen amplifier – the capability to drive any loudspeaker on the market. The sound is fast, transparent and dynamic while still having the refinement of a true musical performer.

The B-310 is built using surface mounting techniques and the components are mounted to a precision of 0.02mm using Silver solder. All soldering is carried out in an artificial Nitrogen atmosphere to avoid oxidation of the soldering. The power supply is massive and consists of a 500VA transformer, with a storage capacity of 60,000uF. Unusually for an amplifier, the capacitors are not all mounted in a capacitor bank; some are located next to the output stage for faster power delivery. All resistors are laser-trimmed Vishay metal film with a precision of 0.1%. As a special feature, the emitter resistors consist of twelve 0.1% metal film resistors in parallel (per output transistor = 96 resistors in total), ensuring no induction and, at the same time, a large surface for passing the substantial audio signals to the output terminals. Since they are in parallel, they actually have a much improved sonic signature compared to the conventional solution with a single resistor. The B-310 delivers 2 x 80 Watts at 8 ohms, and 2 x160 Watts at 4 ohms. The mains transformer is wound in a special way to lower the noise floor and actively function as a shielding transformer.

By using a new power supply set-up, the B-310 also has an extremely “dark” background, which makes the amplifier sound extremely controlled, but still provides lots of emotion and spark.

No local or global feedback is one of the key issues with all Densen designs, including the B-310. This technology is now further improved with Densen’s new patent pending DMCD circuit. DMCD stands for Dense Mass Current Distribution, and by using the DMCD circuit, the current is at all times present at the output terminal. This results in an extremely low output impedance and a truly non-feedback amplifier.

The circuitry is manufactured as single ended all the way from the input terminal to the output stage.

The Printed circuit board is made of Teflon and is double sided, allowing the signal to be placed on one side and the ground plane on the other, thereby optimising interference free signal transfer.

The B-310 contains several exciting features. On the back panel there is an external switch to adjust the gain, so that the B-310 works perfectly with a traditional preamp, as well as with a CD player with variable output.

There is also a D-Sub15 connector, allowing for DenLink connection to other Densen products, such as auto power on/off from a Densen preamp or integrated amp.

The output terminals are doubled for easy bi-wiring.

The B-310 is also prepared for Densen’s SAXO electronic crossover, so that the B-310 can be used in active systems. This is done by mounting the crossover in an internal socket. The SAXO crossover is user adjustable and will fit all speakers on the market.

The B-310 controls even extremely large speakers with ease, and it will definitely lead to a lot of people falling in love with music for the first time….and a lot of people falling in love with music for ever…

Technical specification

Power output 8Ω 2 x 80w
Power output 4Ω 2 x 160w
Power supply size 500VA
Storage capacity 60000µF
THD + Noise @ rated output <0,1%
Weight 12kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 440 x 310 x 64mm


“The B-310 power amp is an easy recommendation. It is a sweet sounding, solid-state amp, with plenty of power for most applications, maintenance free, with understated good looks in the Danish design tradition. It worked really well with my tube preamp, but even better when coupled with Densen’s own B-200 preamp. For a combined retail price of approximately $5300, I don’t know how you can do better without spending a whole lot more.”

Andre Marc,, July / August 2012

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“In the B-310 power amp, a large toroidal mains transformer dominates the case, while most active components are again surface-mounted. Large output transistors are thermally coupled to the base, relying on the case itself as a heatsink.”

Richard Black,, 13th July 2011

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“Sound staging is expansive and the level of detail resolution impressive, even considering the price point. However, it isn t the Densens hi-fi attributes that will stick in your mind after a demo: no, we bet you’re more likely to remember how good the music was, because that’s what this amplifier does. It uses all its hi-fi talents to produce cohesive, musical result that put the artist and music first.”

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